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>...Since you can't seem to get unstuck from the genealogy topic, I will
chime in after all with no concern that I am encouraging you to continue
with this mostly non-extropian thread--we are way past that point...-Henry


Hi Henry thanks, I completely disagree.  

First of all thanks for the info, good stuff, and interesting story about
being Catholic Jew.  Very cool.

The whole notion of 23andMe and FamilyTreeDNA.com is completely extropian
and highly relevant to what we are discussing here.  How often do we get to
witness a phase change like the one we are about to see because of the
growth of a DNA database?  It has profound implications for something that
is a huge topic in the USA currently because of a legal change that requires
everyone buy health insurance.  Even that had profound implications, for it
revealed something fundamental: the US government cannot legally require you
to do anything, but it can call you on a tax audit, at which time the IRS
can do anything it wants with you, your property, everything.  We have had a
steadily growing totalitarian system in place since the IRS was established,
it just hadn't actually revealed itself until recently.

So the implication is that there is nothing stopping anyone from figuring
out their health risks based on DNA, then buying insurance if they are high
risk, or just paying the fine if they are at low risk.

That alone is discussion worthy to say the least.


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