[ExI] Story part 2 yet again.

Alan Grimes ALONZOTG at verizon.net
Mon Jul 22 06:11:56 UTC 2013

I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out the plot of the later chapters 
(which needs to be decided before going to crazy writing the early 

In the past I had been making some general requests for information. 
Today I have some specific questions. (no specific order), assume a 
scenario where everyone is uploaded.

# How will VR environments be provisioned? How much work will be 
required of the user to create a VR? Where would the terminally 
incompetent get their VRs?

# How large of a VR would a user be allowed to build?

# What limitations on creating sentient characters to populate the VR? 
(this is obviously deeply problematic on many fronts).

# What rights/limitations would a user have in a public VR?

# Would the user be guaranteed unalienable rights to exist and 
communicate in public VRs?

# Would private VR spaces be considered a natural right?

# What limitations would there be on how a user manafests himself in a 
public VR environment?

# What limitations would a user have on the type of avatar that could be 
attached to his emulated humanoid nervous system?

# Is there any alternative to the following mode of self modification 
beyond basic tuning parameters:   --> You load a copy of yourself from a 
backup made a few moments ago, modify it, attempt to run it, if it seems 
to work, you then delete yourself.

*** The current dominant theme, that of a heliocentric cloud of 
computronium bricks seems to imply a central authority that, at the very 
least, dictates communications protocols and orbital configurations.

# What rights would the least privileged user to access base reality?

*** Assume that the overwhelming majority of the population was 
force-uploaded and re-answer the previous question.

# Are there any problems with the following scenario:   You detect a 
problem that will inevitably cause a cascade failure across the entire 
network but since you are on the ignore list of everyone connected with 
the central authority you can't even report your bug. The people in the 
central authority have been running human emulated brain patterns for 
subjective thousands of years and have become senile (due to the 
exhaustion of potential synapses between their neurons), and complacent 
and refuse to even acknowledge the possibility of such a problem... So 
basically everyone trapped in this nightmare tried to go around the 
simulator with a count-down clock to when everything would collapse 
hovering over their heads, trying to warn the few who could actually do 
something about it, until the clock reached zero and everything just 
stopped. =(


Powers are not rights.

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