[ExI] Digital Jeeves

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Tue Jul 30 13:16:35 UTC 2013

Nothing new for many of you, but some rants bear repeating —

Much of the technology around us, from spam 
filters to a dishwasher, is a surrogate for 
quality household and professional staff. Butler, 
maid, chauffeur, secretary, assistant, etc.

The vital trait that digital Jeeveses lack is 
discretion. They now can all be presumed to spy 
on you, absent proof they aren't, if there's any 
possible backpath. Which implies anyone else who 
wants to know also can, absent proof they can't. 
Your information is sold, shared, hacked, stolen, 
and vacuumed. Moreover, if the tech can be 
remotely activated at your request, it can also 
be remotely activated by others, without your knowledge or specific consent.

For now, I pick and choose. Some tech I use, 
accepting the unspoken prices. Some I don't, 
intentionally. Some I use, but trust other tech 
to protect me from the first. Some I roll myself.

I'd love the advent of a smarter set of digital 
staff, if I can be convinced of their discretion 
and loyalty. I see a billion-dollar opportunity 
for an incorruptible and impervious service that can guarantee that.

Apps That Know What You Want, Before You Do

-- David.

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