[ExI] Space Gnats

Mesman, B. B.Mesman at tue.nl
Sat Jun 1 19:09:17 UTC 2013

BillK wrote:

I like the idea, but solid-state doesn't mean you can travel at the
speed of light.
Solid means a solid block with no moving parts, except the electrons
(photons?) inside.

I think what Ben is referring to with 'solid-state' is semiconductor devices. Chips. Neural chips. No matter whether "you" are hard-coded in the chip-floorplan, or as a neural configuration on a "general-purpose" neural chipset,

both can be described in a binary file, containing synaptic strengths on O(10^12) synapses. That's a lot of data, but it's finite. Now as a description, space 'travel' would actually amount to communicating data, via the laser. No physical mass is moved in the process. Necessary requirement is that the neural substrate (the chipset) on sender and receiver side are compatible. The neural configuration on the sender side does not 'disappear' in the process. So if you want to have only one unique copy of you active at any time, a wise protocol would inactivate the sender configuration.


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