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>> Natasha and I have done 23andme and, I suspect, many others on this list.
>> I hope it blew your mind by revealing that you have low-risk genes...
>> --Max


> Max, your comment is an excellent blessing for fellow 23ers: May the
> sequencing reveal you have low-risk genes.


My results have changed my life fundamentally. I got all four categories 
of health risk news: expected good, unexpected good, expected bad, and 
unexpected bad. The "unexpecteds", both good but esp. bad, have 
necessitated a radical rewrite of my health program.

But my main reaction, despite some unexpected bad news, has been: This 
is so cool!

23andMe's health reports just scratch the surface of course. One has to 
run Promethease, join PGP, and so on, to begin to see the possibilities 
this information about your genes offers. And the information grows in 
value rapidly as research continues.

"Citizen science" projects -- outside of 23andMe's own projects -- are 
now being discussed among various 23andMe customers. These could be 
extremely powerful as more people get sequenced. The possibilities are 


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