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Sun Jun 2 19:48:17 UTC 2013

I have recently started working on my book on Artificial Superintelligence
which I think might be of interest to members of this list:

Many philosophers, futurologists and artificial intelligence researchers
have conjectured that *in the next 20 to 200 years a machine capable of at
least human level performance on all tasks will be developed*. Since such a
machine would among other things be capable of designing the next
generation of even smarter intelligent machines, it is generally assumed
that an intelligence explosion will take place shortly after such a
technological self-improvement cycle begins. While specific predictions
regarding the consequences of such an intelligence singularity are varied
from potential economic hardship to the complete extinction of the
humankind, many of the involved researchers agree that the issue is of
utmost importance and needs to be seriously addressed. This book, “*Artificial
Superintelligence: A Futuristic Approach*” will directly address this issue
and consolidate research aimed at *making sure that emerging
superintelligence is beneficial to humanity*.

*Tentative List of Chapters:*

1)     Introduction to Artificial Superintelligence.

2)     AI-Completeness – the Problem Domain of Superintelligent Machines.

3)     The Space of Mind Designs and the Human Mental Model.

4)     How to Prove that You Invented Superintelligence So No One Else Can
Steal It.

5)     Wireheading, Addiction and Mental Illness in Machines.

6)     On the Limits of Recursively Self-Improving Artificially Intelligent

7)     Singularity Paradox and What to Do About It.

8)     Superintelligence Safety Engineering.

9)     Artificial Intelligence Confinement Problem (and Solution).

10)  Controlling Impact of Future Super AI.


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