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KPJ kpj at sics.se
Tue Jun 11 15:04:27 UTC 2013

2013-06-10 09:03:12 -0700 spike <spike at rainier66.com>:
| I have a question for you and those of you who are safely outside the
| system: have you any commentary on what is happening in the USA?  In just
| the past few weeks, we have seen it revealed the IRS is corrupt to the
| bone and is targeting its political adversaries, the Justice Department is
| apparently corrupt and is targeting news agencies, and when caught assigns
| itself to investigate itself, and now our National Security Agency is
| being reported by an insider to be recording everything.  Clearly I am not
| in a position to comment: I could be called in for an IRS audit and never
| heard from again.  But you can.  It appears that all that stuff the
| alarmists were alarming about has become alarming.  Comments?

Politics is like the game of Nomic. Instead of winning when you have 100
points, you win when you have absolute power.

If you look at the ruleset of United States, you will notice that there
are no immutable rules: all rules (laws) can be changed.  It is therefore
inherent in the United States law that the leaders of United States can
in theory change the system into dictatorship. Just as most governments.

If you do not care, you are home free. Stop reading this.

If you do care, here are some ideas about what you can do:

Apply the Internet protocol approach: assume that everything you do will
be under surveillance, any data you generate will be stored and controlled,
anything you say can and will be used against you.

Create personae which you use on-line for different purposes, including
some low-security ones for the governments to track.

Remember that other people do not care about security: anything you let
them know can and will appear on the Internet.

Think about this like you are in the Matrix: anyone can be a government
agent. This is what it is/was for people who live(d) under the old Nazi
and Communist regimes as well as under other authoritarian regimes of
the world.

Welcome to the club.

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