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Anders Sandberg <anders at aleph.se> wrote:

>>.Great story! And a good example of how technology is making the past
transparent in ways it couldn't foresee.If you want to keep secrets from the
future you really have to work on it. 


>.Coming soon to an AI near you: it will likely be possible in the near
future to create a very accurate simulated (not emulated) prediction machine
for each of us based on our search history, email history, social network
(written and photographic) and credit card histories, that can fairly
accurately predict what choices you'd make in given circumstances. .James


James what I really want is some kind of AI at the hardware store.  Then
when I get there it reminds me of what it was I came down there for.


If we invent brain prosthetics, it would free our minds from the mundane,
which allows us to focus our creative intellectual skills on cool
interesting stuff, such as inventing brain prosthetics, which would free our
minds from the mundane.


>.I did FTDNA a while back and got a very strong Y-DNA match with a guy
whose surname wasn't Cunningham.  We're first cousins.  John Cunningham


Well now let us think about this.  John's cousin suddenly finds out he is
not genetically related to his own beloved legal grandfather.  He now wants
to know everything he can find out about his genetic grandfather, what
medical conditions he had, what and who he did in his life, who his
newly-discovered genetic cousins are, possibly who his parent's genetic half
siblings are.  Does John's cousin now lose interest in the family reunion?
Or does he show up and tell what he knows?  Does he crash the party when the
genetic cousins have their family reunion, and if so, does he talk?  Or just
show up saying he is a friend of the family?  What if he has some mannerism
that grandpa had, a quirky facial feature, a way of walking, so that all the
little old ladies present figure it out?  Little old ladies are good at that
for some strange reason.


However, it could be that plenty of the affected people don't want this
information known.  Grandma would be high on the list of those who would not
be pleased at her grandson's detective work.  Perhaps she mended her ways
right after she discovered her pregnancy, quickly married her long-time
boyfriend (not the embryo's father), gave birth to a robust 9 pound
"preemie" seven months after the wedding (the poor little thing placed in
the incubator by the local nurses with a sense of humor and charity), became
a paragon of virtue at the local Methodist church, and doesn't cut any slack
to the local harlots.




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