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>>.James what I really want is some kind of AI at the hardware store.  Then
when I get there it reminds me of what it was I came down there for.

>.If you just tie together a few of Google's datum (search history, Chrome
history, Calendar, contacts, G+, and Tasks) you could pretty much predict
what I was seeking when I came down to the hardware store. This kind of AI
isn't all that difficult, compared to emulating a human mind.  JWC



We already have those internet music sites that can watch what one listens
to and suggest vaguely related music in the same genre.  I had the computer
suggest something that I missed that has been one of my very favorites,
Sarah Brightman singing the Kansas classic Dust in the Wind:




Oh so cool.  I never told the internet that the song Dust in the Wind has a
very special meaning for me, for reasons I have never shared online.  I
never told it that Sarah Brightman is one of my top tune-babes.  But somehow
some faceless internet company found this and post it to me.  I have
listened to it about 100 times, and it moves me every time.


There should be something analogous in the consumer world, which would watch
what you buy and suggest stuff you might like.  Oh Sarah is soooo gorgeous,
oh my, the pulse races.  Here's one that shows her pretty face:





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