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> > I haven’t proven it yet so it is merely a suspicion based on it being a
> > convenient explanation for a collection of baffling observations.  There
> is
> > much detective work to do.  But what a sitch: these two sleepwalkers get
> > caught nearly a century and a half later.
> >
> The big genealogy web sites are getting involved in gene research as well.
> Originally, genealogy meant going through old records and producing a
> large tree of births marriages and deaths. But when you think that up
> to 10% of the breeding was off-piste for a variety of reasons (good
> and bad), that invalidates a lot of the family trees. And there are
> also mistakes and omissions in the records.
> So maybe I am related to Henry VIII after all?

Of course the Latter Day Saint's church is the biggest spender in genealogy
and all the big companies in the area are based in Utah. I find it
absolutely hilarious that the LDS are so into using the science of DNA for
their version of ancestor worship, but completely ignore that same science
when it comes to the Book of Mormon. It's simply too inconvenient in the
latter case, and too real in the former.

Ah, double standards. I'm glad to be mostly done with those...

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