[ExI] [ZS] Edward Snowden's Transhumanist Girlfriend

spike spike at rainier66.com
Fri Jun 14 15:25:14 UTC 2013

On Behalf Of Eugen

>...Let's all try to keep everyone's heads from exploding from this bombshell.

>...Courtesy of the UK's Daily Mail tabloid, may I present Mr. Snowden's paramour, one Ms. Lindsay Mills:


Ja but do we know that the book was hers?  Or the photographers, which she used as a prop?

Dare we yanks even discuss Snwden here knowing our email is being archived and we could land on the IRS's hit list?  

The recent revelation is that the IRS has vast and arbitrary power and apparently exactly zero accountability.  We are finding out why the former IRS director can testify that she did nothing wrong, then immediately  invoke the fifth amendment in apparent self-contradiction, then walk out of court unchallenged: there is absolutely no known law which forbids the IRS from targeting one side of the political spectrum.  If one is called in for an IRS audit, there is no jury, no appeal, nothing.  If the IRS says you are guilty, you lose, game over.

Do you guys remember Mike Lorrey?  Remember his particular burden, warning us about arbitrary government power?  Ten years after he is gone, everything he said is coming to pass, and the surprising thing is I would have expected all this power-grabbing overreach to happen with a far right government.  The USA has the farthest left government we are likely to ever see in our lifetimes, and yet we have seen one power grab after another, corruption rising to the surface, government officials claiming innocence then invoking the fifth, gross incompetence, cover-ups, invasions of privacy, gross power grabs, a long list of dirty laundry all coming out now.  

The IRS makes the US a functional dictatorship.  Mike was right.


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