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>>.The USA has the farthest left government we are likely to ever see in our



>.What a disgustingly depressive thought..



JR, they had their big chance, with a far left white house, iron grip left
control of the house and between 2008 and 2010 a left wing supermajority in
the senate, a very rare SUPERmajority that allows them to pass laws without
debating them with the other side of the aisle, as it demonstrated.  That
side of the political spectrum could have done anything it wanted.  We ended
up with an overhaul of our medical system that made the problems worse: the
system is in greater need of an overhaul from the day the "reform" went into
law than it was before.  


Nothing was fixed, we didn't get transparency in government, or at least not
voluntarily so.  What transparency we did get only uncovered corruption, not
just minor surface irregularities but rot all the way to the bone.  


All those power grabs and government oppression that had been associated
with the far right since the days of Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s is now
associated with the current left of center US government.  We have evidence
that the feds suppressed the Tea Party across two election cycles.  They
have expressed no remorse, but rather are shamelessly saying there is no law
against that.  Then they claim the fifth.  Astonishing.


It's all been a terrific civics lesson for Americans.  Orwell's Animal Farm
was right on.  The left drove out the pigs and immediately became the new
pigs.  If you haven't read Animal Farm, stop what you are doing and read
that short book right now.  Orwell was right on: it doesn't matter which
side of the political spectrum, power corrupts all humans equally. 


If I get called in on an IRS audit and I am never heard from again, you will
know what happened to me.



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