[ExI] NSA Prism is motivated in part by fears that environmentally-linked disasters could spur anti-government activism

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> World War 3 began before World War 2 ended, and continued nearly half a
> century, gradually sputtering out in about the mid 1990s.  The Middle
> Eastern terrorists were a temporary replacement bad guy, but they didn’t
> have nukes and when it came down to an actual shooting war, they didn’t
> show.  Now Osama is dead, and his following is far less scary than it was,
> so the current government/military/industrial complex needs a new bad guy.
> So now they are trying to drum up the threat from massive uprisings as a
> result of…  climate change.
> Climate change?  Indeed?  Is this really the very best we can do?  Are we
> really so hard up for scary enemies to justify massive government spending
> that we need to resort to some nebulous something that will take at least
> decades to attack us?****
> The actual threat is right there in front of us: unlimited and unchecked
> growth of government snooping into everything we do and threatening us with
> a completely unaccountable IRS, yet we cry out for climate change to come
> along and save us?****
> Sheesh.  I have news for them: climate change cannot save us from us.  ***
> *
1) The PAST: My take on the end of WWII was that the U.S.S.R., having
defeated Germany, was set to roll over much of Europe and claim as much as
it could. Truman, fearing this, set off two nukes in Japan (needlessly
vis-a-vis ending the war with Japan) to threaten Moscow that we had an Ace
up our sleeve that would trump their superior numbers and military might.
The technological advantage that the U.S. showed off became the motivating
force behind the tremendous scientific/technological war that both
countries engaged in for the next several decades.

2) THE PRESENT: Diplomats in Europe have known and talked about for 5-10
years that America was buying up "crowd control" armaments at an astounding
(and troubling) pace. They knew "something was up" long before we felt the
impact of the Economic Downturn of the past several years (also indicating
that our Gov't knew this was coming, despite their pronouncements that
everything was okay). The true terrorists that have been keeping the
intelligence community (IC) and our leaders up at night are the Occupy et
al movements that are growing here at home. That's why most of the
Presidential Orders over the past few years have been directed at taking
over the Media, Internet, and other strategic industries, and instituting
Martial Law in the event (not of a war, but) of a domestic emergency.  It's
also why the IRS targeted the Tea Party. They're deathly worried about
unemployed graduates, with huge student loans and no job prospects getting
together with Libertarians and diverse groups with diverse agendas, all
wanting to overthrow the
they've worked so hard to put in place. PRISM is intentionally
directed at Americans, so as to know who is inciting and directing these
movements.  "Shiny, shiny" (media diversions and non-coverage on television
of the riots) has worked here to keep the Occupy and Tea Party movements
out of the spotlight. They've also, IMHO, infiltrated those movements and
diverted their original missions in ways to make them more radical and
scary (something which will render them less popular and make the label of
terrorist more applicable). Shiny, shiny didn't stopped the riots in Spain,
Greece, and elsewhere, so they're going to continue to amass power/control,
so that they can (hope to) guaranty that this won't happen here in America.

3) THE FUTURE: There are good people in both the U.S. Military and IC that
hate what the U.S. Gov't and our crony-capitalists are doing. I think
they'll be on the transhumanist side, if/when the sh*t hits the fan and, if
we're lucky, the 21st-Century exponential increases on the way toward a
Technological Singularity will allow us to outpace the 20th-Century
command-and-control methods that our Gov't will attempt to use to maintain
its power. *Who* uplifts/enhances first will be a big part of what happens
next. Watch who's supporting and who's opposing DIY movements/projects, in
the meantime.

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