[ExI] Who are the "leftists"?

spike spike at rainier66.com
Sun Jun 16 02:39:24 UTC 2013

>... On Behalf Of Rafal Smigrodzki

>...### Hey, this is a very vague statement - depressive because it's so far
left or depressive because there may not be a more leftist one
coming?...Because of all that, it is not only unsurprising but rather
completely inevitable that the administration using more traditionally
leftist rhetoric ends up being even more authoritarian than their junior
partners in the scam (the Republicams, in case you don't get my drift).
99.9% of government employees are unelected, and most of them are culturally
leftist but in practice conventionally power-grabby hacks, just like their
spiritual predecessors since ancient Babylon's first clerics. You let them
work with a few elected, arrogant, narcissistic, hypocritical social
strivers steeped in commie rhetoric, and the sky is the limit (at least as
far as the budget deficit goes)....Rafal

EXCELLENT post Rafal, me lad.  I don't have any problem with the fed being
leftist, so long as it stays within the strict constraints of the
constitution, something it has not wanted to do for a long time.  The
constitution describes a federal government that doesn't really do much
other than military, some infrastructure such as interstate highways, and so
on, but not very so far on.  The founders had in mind the real political
power at the state level, so we have a number of competing states.  Everyone
gets to choose their favorite form of government, everyone wins.


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