[ExI] Who are the "leftists"?

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> Give me a link to the best one, I am curious.  Rafal Smigrodzki


This one. 



THANKS Kristan, Nozick's essay is brilliant.  It has a ring of truth to it.


My own notions on that topic came to a similar conclusion.  I like the way
Nozick distinguishes between the wordsmithing  intellectuals vs the
wordsmithing intellectuals.  The numbersmith's world is much more objective;
there is an answer that works in the math world, a prediction that is
correct in most sciences.  But consider journalism: who is the greatest
journalist?  If there is no universal way to answer that question, how can
you distinguish the intellectuals from the fools in that field?  It comes
down to whether or not we agree with them.






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