[ExI] RES: RES: UltraRope could make kilometer-high elevators possible

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Not at all. I don't think I've got the resources to do a cost analysis
(neither know how to). 

I was just brainstorming and MagLev was just one idea. For instance, why do
elevators have to have a shaft? They could as well spiral around the
building. They only need energy to go up and could be lifted by some kind of
crank like rollercoasters and go down by gravity alone, with air dampening
or using Lenz current (or some other method) to slow it down. 

Elevator companies lack imagination. J



That is a cool idea Henrique.  We could have concentric helical coil tracks
that elevators would go up driven by linear magnetic actuation, like a
scaled up linear stepper motor.  Each loop around the perimeter of the
building could raise the proles two floors, or more for that matter, then we
could arrange cars going in the opposite direction continuously.  Might be
too slow perhaps.  But it would look cool, especially if it is on the
outside of the building.






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