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>>.We always worried about the president becoming a dictator.  Turns out all
along it was the head of the IRS who had that power, and who promptly abused
it.  That power is still there, waiting for the next person to abuse it.  It
is all just astonishing, appalling.


>.If you really believe that, consider the power the
heads of other major federal agencies have.

Ja, but as far as I know the IRS is the only agency which has the power to
deeply impact you personally, by calling you in for an audit.  If they
decide they don't like you for whatever reason, I know of no avenue of
appeal.  You eventually die in prison, far from cryonics facilities, as did
Al Capone.  You are put on the same list with those sorts of bad guys.  As
far as I can tell, your claim that you didn't even make any actual money
doesn't mean there is any existing branch of government that can or will
attempt to overrule the decision.  Lois Lerner has demonstrated that the IRS
is a naked singularity of power.

>.Now consider the President's job through this lens.


Considering recent revelations, the president becomes nearly irrelevant.
She has the theoretical power to pardon someone jailed on IRS charges, but I
have not heard of that actually happening.  The president has all kinds of
constitutional checks and balances on her office.  It appears to me the IRS,
which came along later, is operating completely without those checks and
balances, as demonstrated a month ago: 




She still has not testified.  This establishes that the only consequences
for an IRS director abusing power is an indefinitely paid leave, and a
generous paycheck it is at that level.


We could argue that this makes the IRS director more powerful than the
presidency, for the president cannot order the IRS to do anything.  If they
do, they risk getting caught, and there definite repercussions to that, as
we are seeing with the current president.  But the IRS can act unilaterally
without answering to anyone, even congress.  The fifth amendment covers the
16th amendment but the 16th trumps the entire document.



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