[ExI] 23andme again

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THANKS MIKE, for that most excellent and insightful post.  Two good
commentaries so far.  Others please?

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On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 8:33 PM, spike <spike at rainier66.com> wrote:

>>... I really had no justification to go off Googling like some kind of 
> Neanderthal cyber stalker.  ...The potential 
> for harm is great, and my vague intuition is that the potential harm may
outweigh the benefits.

>...How long does privacy last after you're dead?

I am vaguely going with the US census rule: they publish the census 72 yrs
after the fact, so the 1940 census came out recently.

>...  Has the guy from 1855 recorded any desire to remain unfound?

The guy from 1855 is fair game in my book.  There is no one left alive who
would have had any contact with him when he was alive.  Reasoning: if he was
about 18 then, and lived to be 90, that would take him to 1927, so anyone
who would have had any kind of emotional bond would need to overlap by at
least 7 or so yrs, so 1920 to now is 93, nah, all his secrets are fair game,
all his base are belong to us.

>...  Is this the beginnings of digital resurrection?

Hope so!  {8-]

>...If you make this woman wait 5 years for the tools you used to become
automated, all you have done is wasted 5 of her years.  If some joker
charges her to use those automated tools, you've cost her the time AND the

Excellent point.  She has already been deprived of a childhood with her
cousins.  It isn't right to have her adulthood deprived of them as well.

>...I see this as an example of transparency and freedom of information.
You gathered this information because it is your hobby and you were curious
enough to check it out.  If there was a business/contractual obligation
beforehand, I'd hope the terms of that contract were clearly established.
You're sharing information in-kind with someone who has contacted you
through/because of a genetic assay.  You are neither selling a service nor
profiting from this exchange of information...

This is a better argument than I thought of, thanks.

>...If this kind of sleuthing and filling in the missing information isn't
one of the immediate useful purposes of 23andMe, then what IS it for?

I hadn't really even thought of this when I sent in my spit kit.  I was
doing it for the medical end of it.

>...Oh right, I already asked that question.  This might just be part of the
ongoing answer.  :)  Mike


Thanks Mike, excellent post man.



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