[ExI] Dealing with transhumanism bashing

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Thu Jun 27 13:49:20 UTC 2013

Il 24/06/2013 16:53, Alan Grimes ha scritto:

> I don't carry a mobile phone.

A mobile phone is like a gun.
It is totally useless the majority of the time, but when you really need
it, it is a life saver.

> The cost benefit ratio is so obscenely bad that it is unlikely that I
> will ever carry a mobile phone except when it is absolutely required by
> my job (ie, they won't hire me without one).

I thought so for a few years.

> I make about two calls a month, so each call costs me $25. Furthermore
> there is an increased risk of cancer from the radio waves... All of my
> ancestors lived happily without one so I, too, am happy to not have one.

In Italy we have this strange technology called prepaid traffic.
You pay a sum and if you use it, they deduct the costs from your credit.
It do not matter how much you do not use it, you just pay this.
Because of a tax, you need to recharge at least 25 € one time in a year.
This add to your credit but 5 € are for the tax.

It is weird the US have only an outdated system of subscription and no


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