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Need Suggestions (see below) on upcoming Cryonics Convention/Festival
    Aubrey de Grey, SENS  -- A Biologist's View on why cryonics is feasible 
    Max More, representing Alcor 
    Catherine Baldwin, representing Suspended Animation
    Stephen Valentine  representing the TimeShip  project
    Cairn  Idun, from the Asset Preservation Group
    Mike Perry, cryonics historian 
    Ben Best  retired president of Cryonics Institute  talk, "Cryonics in Wikipedia"
    Don Laughlin, talk = Ask Don Lauglin Anything
    Rudi Hoffman, Cryonics Insurance Expert, The Affordable Immortalist, Maybe you CAN defeat Death & Taxes         
    Chana  de Wolf, presents a research update from Advanced Neural Bioservices          
    We have invited a current representative from Cryonics Institute 
 Plus we are waiting on several more confirmations from life extension leaders and scientists.
2. There will be an adjoining exhibition
room with information tables and/or booths where attendees can pick up
literature from leading cryonics and life extension organizations, and perhaps
talk with some of their representatives in person.  Any cryonics organization, or any cryonicist individuals that attend the event, can have one info table (at no charge) to
display their information,  offer
handouts,  sell gifts, books or other
items of interest to cryonicists.
3. There will be at least two buffet dinners, combined with
informal parties similar to the old Lake Tahoe Life Extension Festivals, in an adjoining room, on Friday and Saturday evenings. This is where you can meet with other cryonicists and
make new contacts. We hope to rekindle the spirit of the Lake Tahoe festivals where cryonicists met face to face, which resulted in the record high growth rates in cryonics and drew more resources into the movement to conduct useful research.
 4. The Riverside Resort and Laughlin Nevada are great places to hold
conventions and have fun at the same time. Besides the casino with
gambling, bowling alley, several movie theaters, and conventional game rooms,
you can swim in the Colorado River and play on the river's beach. Or you
can rent a ski-doo for river fun. And there is the whole rest of the town of
Laughlin with several more casinos to explore.
The rates for the convention, meals, and the rooms will be
extremely reduced rates for us as Mr. Laughlin is a long-time cryonicist and
wants to help make this an annual and affordable event. You will want to be a
"charter attendee" to these conferences!
The purpose of this convention/festival is to help the cryonics/life extension movement gain more momentum.  Attendees can gather the latest information on advances in research, make new friends to associate with, and gain ideas on how they can work to help make cryonics and ageing reversal arrive sooner.  By attending you are helping the whole movement.
 IF YOU have any questions, or suggestions, please send them to me at THIS FORUM.
David Pizer, President 
The Society for Venturism 
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