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spike spike at rainier66.com
Wed May 1 18:33:12 UTC 2013

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Spike wrote:
> NO
> dammit!                                                             limit.
> more
> readable                                                            back
> thanks.
> spike
:etorw srednA

>...Spiral posting only sets a time limit if it doesn't mutate into fractal

>...That could take forever.  (And has too much repetitive quoting.)


Harvey, see why I still hang out here after all these years?  You guys are a
gift in my life.

For chess fans, the Armenian Aronian just won the Alekhine Memorial,

I was sitting here and a fire truck came howling in: my neighbor left a pan
of eggs to boil, apparently left, house full of stinky smoke, oy vey.


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