[ExI] [Exl] Digital Consciousness

Gordon gts_2000 at yahoo.com
Sat May 4 01:25:39 UTC 2013


> You don't know and yet you do know, with certainty, that computers can't be conscious. 

Yes. I don't know how the brain becomes conscious (nobody does) but I've ruled out the possibility that a digital computer can do it. If and when we ever create a brain, that object will a lot more like a brain than a computer. 

> The brain contains atoms, the atoms follow the same laws of physics as atoms do everywhere else in the universe, and it is just that the 

> atoms in the brain are in a particular arrangement that results in consciousness. 

Sure, I agree with that. We'll need to arrange a pile of atoms into a configuration that is exactly or at least approximately identical to the way nature has configured them. 

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