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On 04/05/2013 04:15, spike wrote:

>>.We had a guy at work, out of the closet but quietly gay, nobody ever gave
him any bother over it as far as I know.  He was giving a pitch once and
pointed to the cells in green, the cells in yellow, the cells in magenta.
So we all started going on, Hey Carl, what is that color you say?
Magennnnnta?  What's the heck is magennnta, haaarrrharharrr etc.
Fortunately he has a sense of humor too.

>.When I came out, I noticed that people started to ask for clothes advice -
but then it mostly stopped, since I do have a pretty boring style (a yellow
tie is wild by my standards). In fact, even my boyfriend (who is in *law*)
thinks I need more colour. But it was hilarious while it lasted.

Anders Sandberg
Note the original meaning of the term gay is colorful and cheerful.
Regarding why gay men should be able to distinguish more colors, I will be
absolutely damned, which I suppose would be symbolized as spike = |damned|,
if I can figure out any explanation for why those two things should be
correlated.  Gay men still have the short Y chromosome, same as I do, which
I have long suspected as being the root of my non-hiptitude.
Or perhaps it is just an illusion.  There was a hilarious show on TV called
"Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."  Of the (I think) five gay male
consultants, only one was a fashion guru.  One was a hairdresser, one was an
interior decorator, only one was really queeny acting.  So I don't know,
perhaps if you took a bunch of straight guys, you might get 20%-ish who grok
the incomprehensible subtleties of fashion, I don't know.
In fashion as in qualia, if I can't write a system of equations to model it,
I don't understand it.
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