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>.I will be absolutely damned, which I suppose would be symbolized as spike
= |damned|, if I can figure out any explanation for why .
>.In fashion as in qualia, if I can't write a system of equations to model
it, I don't understand it. spike
HEY that gives me an idea.  Perhaps we CAN mathematize fashion, at least to
some limited extent.  Simple proof: take any pile of fashion photos,
digitize same, this converts every conceivable fashion into a series of
pixels, each of which consists of some color, which is a frequency, which is
a number.  These digitized images can be made into any standard size, say a
1 MB file, 1k by 1k, so this can be a matrix with each cell a frequency on
some standard background.  Anything wrong with any step in my reasoning so
If every conceivable fashion can be reduced to a 1 MB 2D matrix, then we can
start to work with our mathematical bag of tricks.  We bring in our fashion
gurus, such as that guy from Queer Eye and Yves St. Lauren for instance, to
separate the matrices into hip and non-hip fashions.  Once we have that,
then we can do all kinds of cool tricks: finding mathematical correlations,
perhaps use all our advanced digital filtering tools in Matlab and so forth.
Then we should be able to extrapolate a hip fashion from the known existing
ones.  Then totally square L7 tiny microscopic SPIKE can become the WORLD
FASHION DICTATOR!  I will have discovered the mysterious KEY to something
which has puzzled me endlessly.  I will RULE the FASHION WORLD, with an IRON
FIST, Muuwaaaaahahahahahhahaaaaaaa.
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