[ExI] [Exl] Digital Consciousness

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Sat May 4 17:55:50 UTC 2013

Rafal writes:
> Blind persons with cortical vision implants claim to see
> things,
> despite their eyes being certifiably non-functional. Large
> portions of
> their visual systems are bypassed as well, yet, a camera
> and a complex
> digital signal processing computer that generates highly
> specific
> patterns of digital electric impulses on the surface of
> the visual
> cortex are sufficient to reproduce visual qualia. These
> persons also
> pass various tests of vision, showing the ability to
> understand
> images, just as intact humans, although the resolution of
> their vision
> is still poor.  (snip)


Printable Functional 'Bionic' Ear Melds Electronics and

May 1, 2013 - Scientists at Princeton University used
off-the-shelf printing tools to create a functional ear
that can "hear" radio frequencies far beyond the range of
normal human capability.

The researchers' primary purpose was to explore an
efficient and versatile means to merge electronics with
tissue. The scientists used 3D printing of cells and
nanoparticles followed by cell culture to combine a small
coil antenna with cartilage, creating what they term a
bionic ear.

"In general, there are mechanical and thermal challenges
with interfacing electronic materials with biological
materials," said Michael McAlpine, an assistant professor
of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Princeton and
the lead researcher. "Previously, researchers have
suggested some strategies to tailor the electronics so
that this merger is less awkward. That typically happens
between a 2D sheet of electronics and a surface of the
tissue. However, our work suggests a new approach -- to
build and grow the biology up with the electronics
synergistically and in a 3D interwoven format."  (snip)

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