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On 05/05/2013 10:46, BillK wrote:
>>... This sounds too academic to me. Rather like the neat efficient market 
> theory. It assumes that people know what they are doing! :) Immediate 
> fail!

>...Well, this is where critical thinking comes in. Note my "revealed
preferences" bit: just because the ladies tell you they like something
doesn't mean they actually like it: it is often better to do little
experiments to see if they actually are willing do a little effort to get
that something. And they might be too polite to tell you that your garish
plaid suit is over the top.>... -- Anders Sandberg

Hmmm, OK I risk displaying my ignorance.  I know the usual line of
reasoning, but I see a flaw.  If a woman is interested in *that* kind of
activity, she would be taking my clothing off of me anyway.  So it would be
irrelevant what I am wearing.  If she intends to eventually become my one
and only, then she would know that I deplore shopping of any kind, avoiding
the shopping mall like the plague, so she would be choosing and purchasing
my clothing anyway.  It played out exactly that way in real life.  So again
it makes no difference how I dress, both when I was single and now that I am
29 yrs married, ja?

Alternatively, perhaps a spouse who is highly territorial could choose
clothing for her perfectly fashion-indifferent partner which is
intentionally non-attractive to rivals.  If this happened to me, I would
never know, for I do not know the formula for fashion hipness, nor do I know
anyone who does.  But it fits with my understanding of evolutionary
psychology.  It would be an understated and gender-reversed western version
of middle-eastern men wrapping their brides head to toe in black canvas when
it is brutally hot.

Of course I may be missing something fundamental here.  That does happen.


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