[ExI] Whatever happened to peak oil by 2020?

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>.Build factories that convert coal to liquid fuels powered by wind.  Use
the wind power to create fertilizer, which can be used to promote plant life
which will help sequester the excess carbon produced by processing the coal.
I don't want to live under a wind turbine either, but we don't need to.spike




I might have posted this before, don't recall.  Check it outwardly:




There is plenty of energy in the wind.  Ja it is noisy and ugly, but we can
have it without having to look at it or hear it.  Ja it does swat the
occasional bird out of the ballpark, but think of all the rabbits and ground
squirrels that go undevoured for every raptor which is smacked into the next
life, and all the bugs and beasts that feast on the remains of the raptor
which suffered a close encounter of the turbine kind.  Wind and ground-based
solar, cohabitating out where there isn't much of anything, with the
occasional nuke, all of it making power to synthesize fertilizer and convert
coal to liquid fuels, that is the way.


Check out that nifty wind map linked above.  Is there something like this
map for Europe and Asia?





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