[ExI] Kripke is in trouble!

Anders Sandberg anders at aleph.se
Wed May 8 14:53:33 UTC 2013

On 08/05/2013 06:20, Gordon wrote:
>     Kripke resigns as report alleges he faked results of thought
>     experiments
> http://fauxphilnews.wordpress.com/2012/02/22/kripke-resigns-after-allegations-of-academic-fraud/

I am reminded of this good heuristic by Dennett for spotting weak 
arguments: look for the word "surely".

An opponent in a debate once pointed out to me and the audience that I 
was clearly a bioethicist since I was using the word "we" (as in "should 
we enhance ourselves?") - bioethicists always do that, dragging everyone 
into their universalistic grouping.

Anders Sandberg,
Future of Humanity Institute
Philosophy Faculty of Oxford University

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