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>.At the same time we should come out of the closet. 

We need to make transhumanism more main stream and be proudly declaring you
are one to the world is one way to do it.




Ja, by all means.  To clarify: I am definitely out of the closet on being a
transhumanist, that I have no desire to hide from anyone.  I just don't want
every yahoo knowing where I live.  I will give them Santa Clara County,
California, that's a big place, AKA Silicon Valley.


Regarding openness, I have gone thru about 20 pi radians on that over the
years.  Early on, I was a hard core openness advocate.  Now that I have a
family, and with the dramatic rise of identity theft, it isn't so clear to
me that I should be so open about every detail.  I am proud of being a
transhumanist, I think it is really cool to carry that label and have others
think of me as that, perhaps to ask questions about it.



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