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Fri May 10 19:56:04 UTC 2013

When my bride and her two brothers were all preschool age, her grandmother
gave her parents one of those new portable movie cameras.  Then suddenly,
half a century went by.  My bride's mother is in elder care, and her father
is not far behind.  We have been pulling out these old family movies and
converting them to digital format, which is a very expensive procedure, but
the content is very valuable to us.


Yesterday we got some of those back and learned that they took the camera
with them on a family vacation to the coast.  Having grown up far inland,
the young parents had really never seen anything like the teeny weeny
bikinis that had become so popular by the mid 60s on California beaches.  My
father-in-law, being mid-twenties with three young children took plenty of
footage of the local girls, being completely astonished at the scenery.


Needless to say, I was most annoyed to find one of those expensive videos
being more bikini than pictures of my bride and brothers in law in their
early childhood.  I was an unhappy pappy.  But hey, I will cut him some
slack; I remember testosterone.  Vaguely.  Now anyone can download all the
bikini video you want, free from the internet, so its value is exactly zero.
Understatement: you can get any video of any stage of undress, doing
anything you can imagine and anything you cannot imagine, all free.


Then an idea occurred to me.  That fifty year old video would be extremely
valuable to some people: the women in bikinis.  They are now flabby old
grandmas, mostly in their late 60s and 70s.  Perhaps they have few or no
photographs of themselves in that stage of undress at that age, and likely
exactly no video.  Photography was expensive in those days, and we didn't
use cameras as toys generally.  It is too bad I have no known way of
identifying any of the women in those old videos, or any way to collect old
beach video in some central location to invite people who might have been
strutting beaches in the early 60s to come in and try to find themselves and
their friends.  That might be a hoot.





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