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On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 07:37:43AM -0700, spike wrote:

>>. Using bitcoin will likely put you on the IRS's radar, and they have
constitutionally unlimited powers.

>.I think we're a long way from the IRS having any real powers here.Gordon


I respectfully disagree sir.  But we will see in the next few weeks.  There
is all this flap about how the IRS has gone after any organization which has
Tea Party or anything that identifies it as a conservative or libertarian
group, while giving a pass to any group which calls itself progressive.  OK
then we hear that the IRS should be held accountable bla bla and yakkity
yak, but please show me anything in the constitution which says the IRS may
not flag anyone for any reason and audit their brains out.  What this has
done is demonstrate that the 16th amendment effectively sweeps away the bill
of rights, for it is so open ended, there is no effective check on unlimited


Recall that the gangster Al Capone was so good at hiding evidence he could
do anything he wanted.  They finally brought him down on tax evasion
charges.  We now have Capone's legacy and revenge stated in my theorem as


Any law established by good people to go after bad people will eventually be
used by bad people to go after good people.



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