[ExI] Kripke is in trouble!

Gordon gts_2000 at yahoo.com
Fri May 17 21:24:05 UTC 2013

Mike Dougherty <msd001 at gmail.com> wrote:

>"LTE not available everywhere"

> Does anyone else have a problem with this caveat of cell phone marketing?

I see nothing wrong with it, but we're all entitled to our pet peeves. 

Here is one of mine: I refuse to use the idiom "as well" in place of "too". What is "as well" supposed to mean? And why not instead use the simple and straightforward "too"?

This dialogue makes sense to me:

"I like ice cream."
"I like ice cream, too."
"Great! Let's go get some ice cream."

But using "as well" instead, I see this happening:

"I like ice cream."
"I like ice cream, as well."
"As well as what? Do you like it as well as you like pie?"
"No. But I like pie, as well."

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