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>>… Bees are beauty queens of the bug world.  Without

> reading the article, look at this picture at the

> top of this article and really look at a bee. 

> Isn’t she gorgeous?


>…And what are butterflies? Chopped liver? :)

  Regards, Dan


OK sure, butterflies are beautiful too.  They look good, but they don’t really do much of anything except flap around.  They cross pollinate a little, which is better than nothing I suppose.  But honeybees do so many cool things: the colonies, the honey, the cross pollination,  royal jelly, the swarms, the dances that tell the other bees where the blossoms can be found, the teamwork, the perfect hexagonal honeycombs, the whole notion of taking care of their larvae until they are ready to hatch and become workers almost immediately, it is all just soooo cool!  How could you not love those girls?



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