[ExI] bees again

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Mon May 20 10:34:54 UTC 2013

> So there we
> sat, curiously watching this unidentified flying object,
> as it hovered in
> and blapped against the wall.  It folded its wings, at
> which time we
> instantly saw it was a big cockroach.  Several of the
> ladies shrieked in
> terror and fled.  Everyone else evacuated, leaving me
> sitting there
> wondering why the hell there was this terror response.

Palmetto Bugs -
It's all those legs, and they run so fast, *and* fly. So
flat, they can fit through most any crack or crevice. :(
Who knows where they've been before, as they walk over
your lunch supplies. What sewer might they have climbed
out of?

I lived in Charleston, SC.  One got caught in my hair when
I was a kid, freaked me out. I've watched them walking up
the window screens.

Snap Crackle Pop on the sidewalks.

At university it was "fun" to put them *in* unsuspecting
people's beds. Better than short-sheeting.

And where there's one there's a million.

Those little German Roaches are no better, but they are
not so big.


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