[ExI] progress on latest story

Alan Grimes ALONZOTG at verizon.net
Wed May 22 08:36:19 UTC 2013


I just finished the first manuscript of my latest story. It weighs in at 
37,000 misspelled werds, or about two hundred ten thousand keystrokes.

I promised that I'd finish part two before releasing it, however if you 
beg I'll send it to the first few.

The story pretty much abandons all best practices in terms of writing 
style, plot and character and everything, rather it's more of a scenario 
building where I present the awesomeist possible future, with lots of 
kinkiness and far too much self-revealing honesty.

The point of the writing is to explore new ideas, present my own vision, 
and to raise issues that might deserve more examination. As such, the 
narrative is a secondary concern and I omitted lots of the glue and 
other verbage that better authors use...

I hope that the framework might be useful for other people who have 
ideas but aren't quite at the point where they can spew out dozens of 
pages of semi-coherent text.

Part one, the one I wrote, is mostly an "everything turns out awesome" 
future, where part two will be an "uploaders trash everything, here are 
the gory details" future. That said, I want to be as precisely accurate 
as possible and if anyone has some materials that they think I should be 
familiar with before proceeding, please share. The main writing effort 
will probably begin within a week.


Powers are not rights.

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