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>>.  Is there any way the Bitcoin network could be altered to allow for more
than currently allotted 21 million Bitcoins?<


>.No. That is one of the beauties of Bitcoin. Scarcity is built into the
system. Think of it as a precious metal in this respect. There is only so
much gold in the world. In a similar way, will be only so much Bitcoin in
the world.Gordon



This is a post primarily for Americans, apologies Europeans.  We still love
you guys, but this one is our problem, and does involve bitcoins even if


Fellow Americans, if you are watching and listening at all, you know that we
are seeing a rather terrifying development.  The former director of the IRS
has been caught targeting political enemies, and has been allowed to skate
for two reasons: there are apparently no laws against using the threat of an
IRS audit to target political enemies, and even if anyone objects, the
director merely invokes her fifth amendment rights.  So she can audit your
brains out, she can essentially destroy you invoking the 16th amendment, all
while invoking the fifth.  If you get called in for an audit, you cannot
invoke the fifth.  If you will try, they will remind you that 16 is bigger
than 5, and you are toast.


So now we know how the hell they figured anyone would buy health insurance.
ObamaCare requires that everyone must buy health insurance, or pay a
penalty, which is about 10% the price of the insurance.  Obviously the
young-and-healthies will just pay the penalty, wait until they get sick to
buy health insurance.  The Supreme Court declared it not a penalty, but
rather a tax.  So, the enforcement quite logically goes to the IRS.  So now
you can buy insurance, or you can choose to pay the penalty *and get an IRS
audit* your choice, do you feel lucky?


We have an IRS which is completely protected in doing whatever the hell it
wants, in forcing you to do whatever it wants, and oh by the way, you still
have first and second amendment rights, in theory smirk.  Of course if you
actually USE either, you risk an IRS audit.


So if I use bitcoins, am I not inviting an IRS audit?


Since I mention first amendment rights, what about this news reporter who is
being investigated by the Justice Department under the Espionage Act?  Since
this is wartime (Afghanistan) then anyone convicted under that act could
theoretically face a firing squad.  Anyone who is on the call list of that
reporter is also at risk, as are his parents.  Even if he doesn't end up
facing a firing squad, it looks like he has an even greater risk of facing
the IRS, and if so the firing squad would be a blessed relief from his



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