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>>.I don't think the weight concern would matter all that much here,
especially if this were being used in restaurants. People already use cast
iron and ceramic pans that are quite heavy. Yeah, not everyone does, but if
those eggs taste really good and the price is not all that great, one can
easily imagine the gold frying pan becoming something many people have, but
they only lug it out when they want to make a special meal as is done now
with special cookware.


>. and would be so soft you could bend the pan with your hands, so I don't
think it would be a big market even if the metal was cheap.




If you wanted to make a pan, you would use copper, with a flash coating of
nickel to the copper, nickel-chromium to the nickel, gold flashed to the
nichrome.  The total amount of gold isn't all that much, and copper is a
great heat conductor, so you would get the advantages of even heating and
material strength of copper, and low stick surface of the gold.  I haven't
ever seen anything like that on the market, so perhaps that stack I
suggested would fail under heat cycling.



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