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On 2013-05-26 15:25, spike wrote:
>>... So part of what I am suggesting is that we come up with a simplified 
> variant of whatever is our native language that transliterates into 
> any other simplified variant of other native languages.

A bit like
>...Dr Anders Sandberg

Anders, the ten-hundred words of science explanation of quantum tunneling is
as good or better than any description I have seen using the traditional
vocabulary.  {8^D  spike

"A little part of everything is really in every place at once, especially
very little light things. If a wall is not very thick at all and some thing
can be on either side of it and the thing gets close to the wall, sometimes
that thing just shows up on the other side of the wall from where it
started. Tiny things like that have stuff on them that makes forces on other
things. They take some of that stuff through the wall with them.

We study how little things go through walls and how to make the tiny walls
that more tiny things can go through and so that they can take more stuff
with them when they go. If the tiny things can take more stuff through, we
can use that to make better computers some day."

- Enrique Cobas. My attempt at describing quantum tunneling.

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