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>.If the government shutdown proceeds tomorrow, we need volunteers to spy on
themselves.I will start setting the example by noting the contents of this
post.  Recognizing that I wrote it, I will become suspicious of myself as
possibly being some kind of snarky subversive.  If l watch me will you watch
you?  If so, can we report each other to ourselves in this forum?  Spike



Requisition cancelled!  The shutdown is going ahead in three minutes.  But
the NSA is immune.  We no longer need to watch ourselves.  Our government
will do it for us:


Government shutdown won't shut down NSA spying

Published September 30, 2013 

watchdog.org <http://watchdog.org/> 

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Unless Congress can agree on a new budget, the federal government will shut
down midnight Monday.  

But that's unlikely to stop the massive spy machine at the National Security

The possible government shutdown would affect bureaucrats, park rangers and
countless other government employees and contractors across the country.
Even three-quarters of the White House staff would be sent home. 

But "essential personnel" and services would stay online -- including the
NSA's surveillance operations. 

"A shutdown would be unlikely to affect core NSA operations," a government
official familiar with the plans told The Hill on Thursday
own-unlikely-to-curb-nsa-spying> . 




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