[ExI] New way to enumerate prime number

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Tue Oct 8 12:06:42 UTC 2013

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Subject: [ExI] New way to enumerate prime number

>...I think there is at least one person on this list with an interest in
primes.  I have never seen anything like this that I know of.



Keith, this is a good graphical way to explain a method Eratosthenes used to
calculate primes.  The method shown on Sky's page can be improved by only
extrapolating forward on those rows which do not have a zero.  Then you are
using only primes rather than all integers to identify composites, so it
eliminates redundancy.

Sky's page got me to thinking about what it must have been like for the
ancient Greeks, when they were discovering all this math for the first time.
Oh my how cool would that be?   They discover all this new stuff and realize
they were the very first humans to have figured it out, the algebra, the
geometry, the primes, all the wicked cool stuff.  They would know that had
others elsewhere discovered it, there would have been consequences that were
not seen, so they could deduce they were the very first humans to see this
stuff.  That must have been a mind blowing awesome time, new math being
discovered every day, chicks in togas all over the place, how cool is that?
Eratosthenes must have been at ground zero for all that.  He is my favorite
ancient Greek.

If we get uploading and it is possible to enter a sim of any historic human,
to experience all the things that person experienced, virtually live in that
historic person's time doing the things that person did, discover the things
that person discovered, feel the things he felt, I know whose life I will
choose to experience:  Hugh Hefner.  But after I live Hugh's life a time or
three, then I would want to live Eratosthenes' life.


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