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>.And traditionally the government could give lower interest rates for their
bonds than even the best corporations and people would still snap them up
because people perceived government bonds as the safest thing around. But
starting about a month ago for the first time in history and thanks entirely
to the moron Republicans in the house to sell government bonds they must
provide more interest than corporations do.  John K Clark  


I see this as a good thing.  We loan money to the government, they waste it.
Loan money to corporations, they turn it into more money.  If government
bonds are seen as appropriately risky, money will flow to corporations and
small businesses instead.  We cannot let our government be so dependent on
selling bonds at a hundred billion dollars a month just to survive, like
some kind of desperate enormous heroin addict with nukes.


John eventually this whole house of cards had to come down eventually.  You
have seen the CBC extrapolations.  Generations past have said to hell with
us, just as you suggested in an earlier post that we say to hell with future
generations.  Past generations borrowed our money, assuming the future
economy would be bigger.  Now we are suffering the consequences, as we are
entering a long term slower growth era.  We risk borrowing from future
generations who might be no richer, and perhaps poorer than we are today.
We need to stop doing this forthwith.


I do not wish to have my frozen head in the hands of some future generation
which I had to-hell-with-ed, deciding if I am worth uploading.  All our
fondest extropian hopes and dreams depend on a prosperous future.  If we
overspend now, in peacetime, what chance have we?  Let's get this
overspending problem under control, starting now.




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