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>>... No, the Republicans are floundering simpletons, resisting the 
> ultra-Statist
> DEM(agogue) agenda.  They are not the same Party.  One is populated at 
> the top by cunning tyrants, the other is populated by blithering fools.

>...Lloyd,  Welcome to Exi!


>...But this is not the place for conspiracy theories or shouting political
slogans like 'Reps Good, Dems bad!'.
Neither look likely to solve the present problems... BillK

Seconded.  Political advocacy is not welcome here.  But if you have some
insights which might interest the transhumanist community, that is welcome.
ObamaCare is an interesting case on so many levels, for it has profound
implications that ripples to even the international community, as well as
those of us whose future depends on medical technology, both current and
that which is to come.



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