[ExI] Warren Buffett is worried too and thinks Republicans are "asinine"

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>>>. is not that identical to selling the actual gold?


>.Why?  If there is a good reason to hang onto gold.

.I can't imagine what it is.  Google claims there is about 150 million
ounces of gold in Ft. Knox, so that is about a couple hundred billion
dollars right there.  If we sell that to China, we still owe them over a
trillion dollars, but at least we offset two entire months of borrowing at
the current rate, TWO WHOLE MONTHS of this current Bacchanalian spendfest!
Just hand over the damn gold.  We could sell off that, wouldn't even need to
borrow until the middle of December, possibly make it to Jingle Bells on
that alone if we tighten the belt a bit.  Two months of our current
lifestyle to which we have grown so fondly accustomed, just for a pile of
useless yellow metal.

And surely there must be some silver squirreled away somewhere.  We are told
we aren't really racking up new debt, but rather just paying for stuff we
already bought.  So it appears to me it is past time to already sell some
stuff we already bought.  There is probably some valuable stuff lying around
here somewhere, perhaps some change in the couch cushions, before we have to
resort to selling Alaska and Hawaii.  If we did that, we would need to
change all the flags back to 48 stars.

>.why not sell that new aircraft carrier, the John F. Kennedy?  That one is
said to have cost about 12 billion, so we can assume it would sell for about
the same.  Stock it with American made fighter planes gets it to about 15B.

My apologies, the new carrier set to launch next month is the Gerald R.


Aint she a beauty?  Ignoring the obvious absurdity of naming a ship after a
man then referring to her with the feminine pronoun, I am left even more
baffled as to why we are still building these things, while borrowing money
at the rate of one fully loaded floating nuclear hornet's nest every five
days.  Is there anything even vaguely insane about this practice?

We can build one of these Ford-class carriers about every three years if we
keep the modern Rosie the Riveters going around the clock, so we only need
90 more of them to cover what we owe China and about 70 for what we owe
Japan, so at the current rate, we can pay off both those guys in about four
and half centuries just in fully stocked aircraft carriers.  Of course those
two countries are the biggest buyers of our securities, so it isn't clear
how we can make this happen if we build a nuclear carrier every three years
while we are borrowing a nuclear carrier every five days.  But I digress.

>. And on October 23  2013 thanks to the Tea Party we came within 90 minutes
of that faith being destroyed forever.

Why those evil rotten bastards.  90 minutes to total destruction of the
planet!  The USA had only enough time to borrow about 170 million dollars in
that 90 minutes to destruction.

> . the other cause by the room temperature IQ of congressional Tea Party
members.  John K Clark


Remind me again John how those foolish evil stupid congressional Tea Party
members are causing all this?  Did you mean they are the crazy fools who
actually uttered the flaming blasphemy that the emperor is naked?



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