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>.(Or better yet, to design those last few bits of 3D printers that 3D
printers can't yet print.).


I have been pondering that problem for some time.  We could imagine some
kind of multistage printing process which uses different equipment rather
than a single machine capable of printing every part of itself.  I think of
nature's own 3D printers, marvelous evolures are these.  They deposit
material a bit a time to form smooth walled hexagonal cell structures, into
which a related but differently abled beast places a third type of evolure
which develops into still another 3D printer.  Together the hive
self-repairs and self-replicates, interacting with its world in a mutually
beneficial way.


If there are some kind of high-melting-point metal bits needed for a 3D
printer, we can imagine using a small collection of machines made almost
entirely of 3D printed parts which includes a lathe and mill which can make
the remaining bits from castings of high temperature material.  The casts
would be made by layering deposited fused silica over a lower temperature
printable material to create a one-time-use cast.


I realize that wasn't a good description.  I need to spin up a powerpoint


Nature has figured out how to make self-replicating machines, with a
bio-version of 3D printing as part of the process.  We should be able to do
the same or exceed that.






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