[ExI] Warren Buffett is worried too and thinks Republicans are "asinine"

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>>. That's why I want smaller, more localized government.

>.You think states are better because they are roughly speaking 1/50th the
size of the Federal government in the US. Well, that's going towards 2
orders of magnitude better! Problem solved? No.Omar Rahman


Problem solved yes, but not because smaller is necessarily better.  You want
all healthcare institutions at the state level because US citizens get fifty
choices on which government they prefer.  The solution chosen is not 2
orders of magnitude better, but it is better; the best solution of the fifty


Those of you who live and travel internationally, dual citizenship etc, may
miss this critically important point, but homegrown Americans seldom do.  We
don't want to live anywhere else, and our own country is worth fighting to
preserve.  Our roots are here.  We like the idea of 50 confederated
governments, each doing things their own way, with some overall cooperation
where it is required, such as national defense, the interstate highway
system, etc.


The federal government did not form the states, rather the states formed the
federal government.  The people in DC keep forgetting that.  It is our job
to remind them.



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