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17.  Your recreation is planned (by for instance closing National Parks.)


>...not even close to comparable.  National parks closed?  There are other
places to camp.


Our camping spot wasn't a National park.  It was on federal land, so the
closed it during the "shutdown."  They never refunded our money.  They tried
everything they could to be as annoying as possible, such as by barricading
open-air monuments, placing traffic cones along the freeway to make it
difficult to photograph Mt. Rushmore from the road outside the park, among
other crimes against Americans.  Shame.


18.  Your disciplining is planned (for you can be called in by the IRS for
any reason which they do not disclose, and are given a trial which is not


>. they can't do that on a mass scale.  They can only crack down on a (very)
small percent of the populace at a time.  This supposes that they could do
it to most people.  They'd need a much larger ruling class to be able to do



The strategy is divide and conquer.  Note that both parties have developed a
hatred for the Tea Party.


I couldn't help but notice a comment by Health and Human Services' Kathleen
Sebelius, "The majority of people calling for me to resign I would say are
people who I don't work for, and who do not want this program to work in the
first place."


Think about that for a minute.  Do you suppose there are Europeans, or
Asians, or Africans, or Australians calling for Sebelius to resign?
Antarcticans perhaps?  She was talking about Americans.  We have current
government officials who think they do not work for the American people.  Or
that if they are Tea Partiers, they are not Americans?  See where I am going
with this, Adrian?


The cartoon version of Road to Serfdom is fast, but it does miss something
important: that these steps are not necessarily serial, and not necessarily
well defined.  They can peak out of order.  Try to see the message, and why
it is we need to get this program back up to the state level asap.



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