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>...Actually, in some ways it might be. I note that Obama thinks that
because hundreds of terrorists have tweeted and posted Youtube videos
claiming the Assad military gassed civilians, that constitutes real
Can a few thousand 'likes' really start a war? What a strange world we live

BillK, I will post more on the rest of your commentary later, after I have
had some time to ponder, but I wish to comment on this last bit.

Many, probably most Americans are desperately hoping the congress will just
say no to intervention in Syria.  Doing nothing is a terrible option, the
second worst, with the worst being anything else we could do there.
According to our lamestream press, Obama is asking putting the question to
congress, but intends to treat it as advice rather than orders, reserving
the power by executive precedent (Kennedy, Nixon et.al.) to act
unilaterally.  I am vaguely predicting the following outcome, perhaps with
unfounded optimism: the congress will say no, Obama will decide to not go
against their orders, reasoning that if he claims extraordinary powers, he
should at least do something that would help his party politically rather
than harm his party.


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