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>...Actually, in some ways it might be. I note that Obama thinks that
because hundreds of terrorists have tweeted and posted Youtube videos
claiming the Assad military gassed civilians, that constitutes real
evidence.  Can a few thousand 'likes' really start a war? What a strange
world we live in...BillK _______________________________________________

The way this is all playing out, it appears the guy with the most and the
best guns is stuck with the moral responsibility to enforce international
law.  Should the guy with the most and the best guns be stuck with the moral
responsibility to enforce international law?

Since I have your ethical engines warming up, I have been presented with
another moral dilemma by 23andMe, this one much more complicated than the
one I posed a few weeks ago.  As you recall, that one was where a young lady
who did not know her father showed up on my cousins list.  She contacted me
for help.  I pondered for a while, then punted that one in a way: I
explained to her how to use online resources to do what she wanted, find
information available to the public, etc.  Then I promptly stepped out of
the loop, but in a sense I outed my own second cousin, with unknown
consequences.  I do confess I would not be pleased with that second cousin
had he done that to me, however I would not be pleased with myself in that
case for having sired a pup and then hidden from her for her entire life, so
he and I would both be annoyed at me.

Now I have a bigger problem, which will need to wait until this afternoon,
gotta run.


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