[ExI] yet another ethical dilemma

Gordon gts_2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 4 12:23:29 UTC 2013

BillK wrote:

> I note that Obama thinks that because hundreds of terrorists have tweeted and posted Youtube videos claiming the Assad military gassed civilians, that constitutes real
evidence.  Can a few thousand 'likes' really start a war? What a strange world we live in...<

According to the official unclassified document (believe it or don't believe it) the US has satellite imagery of the rockets launched from regime-controlled territory into the rebel-controlled territories affected by the chemicals on the morning of the attack. We also have an intercepted telephone call of a Syrian commander in which he implicates Syrian forces and expresses concern that UN inspectors might find the evidence. So, it really is not all about YouTube videos, though we have at least 100 videos too.

Brit, French, and German intelligence report similar evidence, including an intercepted phone call in which Hezbollah expressed surprise at Assad's "mistake".

Here is the official US Assessment:

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