[ExI] yet another ethical dilemma

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On Sep 4, 2013 10:55 AM, "spike" <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
> So now, my ethics hipster friends, what do I do now?
>>. Do I tell my black cousin?  spike

>.I fail to see the downside of this course of action.

This whole revelation is one very rare example in my own life of a piece of
information I would unknow if we had the option to unknow some piece of
information we know.  If anyone here knows how to unknow something, do clue
me.  There are mercifully rare examples of information which is harmful to
the individual.  This might be one of them.

>.  Given what you have said, it would do her no harm.

Is that my call to make?  Is there any introduction or opt-out exit ramp I
should offer?  Is that analogous to how 23andMe carefully introduces clients
to their markers on two particular diseases before revealing them, offering
the option to not unlock those two files?  Note on that: I opened both,
don't have the indicators, my cousin opened both and has markers for one of
the two really bad diseases, my bride opted to open neither file.

>. and it is information she has been searching for.

It is that, and this is the reason why I am seriously considering telling
what I know.  I can estimate the upside of telling more easily than I can
estimate the downside.

Thanks Adrian.

Other opinions please?



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